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Natalee the Sumatran orangutan finds jungle freedom - News Nov 2022

Posted 21 Nov 2022 in News , Natalee

Sumatran orangutan Natalee and her three close friends, Ung Aing, Ying, and Mama Zila were released into the Bukit Tigapuluh ...

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Natalee - Oct 2022

Posted 24 Oct 2022 in Natalee

Natalee continued to develop her jungle skills over the past six months.

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Natalee - Apr 2022

Posted 12 Apr 2022 in Natalee

Natalee has continued to build upon her forest skills during Jungle School. She usually ventured out to Jungle School with ...

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natalee - Oct 2021

Posted 02 Oct 2021 in Natalee

Jungle School at the Orangutan Sanctuary in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem is being conducted with strict health protocols due to ...

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