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Meki - Updates May 2014

Posted 01 May 2014 in Updates , Meki

Meki is six years old. She is very healthy and actively plays at the playground and at Forest School. Every ...

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Meki - Updates Nov 2013

Posted 01 Nov 2013 in Updates , Meki

Gorgeous Meki is five years old and she is now attending regular forest school training sessions. Meki is a very ...

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Meki - Updates Apr 2013

Posted 01 Apr 2013 in Updates , Meki

Meki loves to go to forest school and frequently roams far away with her friends. When she does stay at ...

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Meki - Updates Nov 2012

Posted 01 Nov 2012 in Updates , Meki

Meki has been generally good in terms of behavior, but she does like to play harmless pranks on her babysitters, ...

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