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Meet Arto, Our January Ape Achiever! - News Jan 2024

Posted 16 Jan 2024 in News , TOP News

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on a special young orangutan who has become a star of the jungle—Arto!

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Sponsor Spotlight: Sweet Freedom - News Jan 2024

Posted 15 Jan 2024 in News , TOP in the Media , TOP News

In exciting news, our sponsors Sweet Freedom will donate 10% of profits from every sale of CHOC POT to The ...

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Enriching Lives: A Peek into Orangutan Adventures at BORA - Jan 2024

Posted 12 Jan 2024 in TOP News

Dive into the world of orangutan enrichment, where each day brings us closer to releasing these intelligent primates back into ...

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An Update from YIARI's Learning Centre - Nov 2023

Posted 07 Nov 2023 in TOP News

Read the latest update about the YIARI Learning Centre, which Forest For People donors help to fund.

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Eco-Tourism in 2024: What You Need to Know - News Nov 2023

Posted 06 Nov 2023 in News , TOP News

Learn about eco-tourism and how you can partake in the adventure of a lifetime, while benefitting orangutans and their forest ...

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Deforestation surges in the hotspot of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans - News Oct 2023

Posted 24 Oct 2023 in News , TOP News

Deforestation within a pulpwood concession that overlaps with key orangutan habitat in Indonesian Borneo has escalated in recent months.

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Top-Rated Charity 2023: Thank You, Supporters! - News Oct 2023

Posted 12 Oct 2023 in News , TOP in the Media , TOP News

Thanks to our loyal supporters, we've been named a Top-Rated Charity for 2023!

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Battle for the Forest: Fighting Wildfires in East Kalimantan - Oct 2023

Posted 10 Oct 2023 in Orangutans in the News , TOP News

Fires are raging in Kalimantan, and our APE Guardian team is on the frontline, battling the flames in the Labanon ...

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New Baby: Acuy's Joyful Arrival - News Sep 2023

Posted 13 Sep 2023 in News , TOP News , Updates

There's a new life in Lamandau. Meet Mama Acuy's third baby.

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Jungle School Chronicles: Vet Andhani's Vital Work - News Sep 2023

Posted 11 Sep 2023 in News , TOP News , Updates

Meet the Wildlife Vet Bringing Healing & Hope to the Heart of the Jungle

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