Orangutan veterinary hero

Theresia or ‘Tere’ as she is known by her family and friends, is a dedicated, brave, and compassionate veterinarian. She began working at our BORA orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre in East Kalimantan in May 2021.

Veterinarian Tere undertaking a physical examination on Popi

As these photos show, Tere undertakes a diverse and challenging range of tasks. From being a surrogate mother to orphaned baby orangutans, providing medicines and taking blood samples, traveling hundreds of kilometres to reach at risk orangutans, rescuing orangutans in the night and undertaking lifesaving surgeries, Tere is a force to be reckoned with.

Tere faces many challenges in her role including always needing to be physically and mentally ready to attend an orangutan rescue in the field. Working in rough terrain and as a team leader, Tere must consider the safety of the orangutans as well as her colleagues. Tere’s advice to others is don’t be afraid to try new things and ask questions, and to be adaptable.

Working in a field dominated by males, Theresia has shown her strength and versatility and is a shining light for orangutans in need. Thank you, Tere for being such a dedicated vet at our BORA centre and for helping vulnerable orangutans.

And thank you to our wonderful donors – your generosity ensures the orangutans at our BORA centre receive the highest level of care from passionate staff.

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