Repatriation of Orangutans from Thailand

Three rescued orangutans find sanctuary in Sumatra after being repatriated from Thailand, marking a significant step in their journey towards rehabilitation and eventual release into the wild.

Exciting News: Three Orangutans from Thailand Repatriated

We are thrilled to share some heartwarming news in the world of orangutan conservation.

In late 2023, three repatriated orangutans - Nobita, Shisuka, and Brian - arrived in Jambi, Sumatra. Welcomed with open arms, these orangutans now reside in the quarantine facility operated by our partners at the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS).

During their quarantine period, Nobita and Shisuka, who share a strong bond, have been placed in adjacent enclosures to ensure their comfort and well-being.

Despite the journey and adjustment to a new environment, they are showing remarkable health and activity levels. Our dedicated team is closely monitoring their progress and will conduct thorough medical check-ups. Once deemed healthy, they will be transferred to the Danau Alo orangutan sanctuary, marking a significant step forward in their journey towards their eventual return to the wild.

This repatriation effort was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Indonesian and Thai governments, and supported by our project partner, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) including their Senior Veterinarian. Nobita and Shisuka, affectionately named after characters from the beloved Japanese cartoon Doraemon, were rescued as infants during a sting operation. Brian, another male orangutan, joined them after being rescued from traffickers.

Their journey from Thailand to Sumatra, marks a remarkable collaboration aimed at ensuring the welfare and conservation of these incredible primates.

Accompanied by COP Senior Veterinarian Theresia and animal keeper Raffi, the orangutans embarked on a journey back to their natural homeland, guided by the mission to preserve and protect orangutan populations for generations to come.

After completing their mandatory quarantine period, Nobita, Shisuka, and Brian will undergo intensive training at Jungle School, paving the way for their eventual release back into the wild. As they embark on this transformative journey, we remain committed to their well-being and the preservation of orangutans and their natural habitats.

Stay tuned for more updates on their journey!

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