I’m so pleased to be able to wish you a Happy New Year and give you a little update on your adopted orangutan.


I recently spent two weeks at our BORA rescue and rehabilitation centre in East Kalimantan. The purpose of my visit was to spend time with the staff and share my orangutan experience and knowledge with them regarding orangutan behaviour, enrichment, nutrition, welfare, and training for release into the wild

I was so impressed with the dedication and commitment of the staff in preparing these orangutans for release. It is thanks to your generous support that these precious orphaned orangutans have a second chance at returning to their true jungle home.

One of the highlights of my visit was attending Jungle School with the young orangutans including Mary! Mary hadn’t been to Jungle School in a while since the keepers were finding it very hard to coax her back to her enclosure in the evening. I discussed ways to help with this and Mary greatly enjoyed getting back into the forest. She was reunited with one of her best friends Popi and they had a fabulous time playing and somersaulting together. Mary also showed off her excellent climbing and foraging skills.

It was an absolute joy to watch Mary in the forest with her friends. Thank you for helping Mary on her journey to freedom. 

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