Meet Arto, Our January Ape Achiever!

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on a special young orangutan who has become a star of the jungle—Arto!


Our January Ape Achiever is Arto

As the Ape Achiever of the Month, Arto's journey from rescue to thriving at Jungle School is a testament to the incredible work of our dedicated team.

Arto's Remarkable Rescue

Arto, a spirited male orangutan estimated to be around nine months old, was rescued on a pivotal day—10 November.

A concerned staff member from our partners at Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) alerted our team about Arto's situation in a village just two hours away from the new BORA Centre in Berau. Poor litte Arto had been living as a pet for about two months, fed condensed milk, and even adorned in tiny clothes.

The APE Guardian team swiftly sprang into action on the morning of 10 November to rescue this precious infant. His rescue marked the beginning of a new chapter filled with care, rehabilitation, and the promise of a wild and free future.

From Streetside to Jungle School

Despite the challenges he faced during his time as a pet, Arto is thriving at Jungle School, adapting to the natural rhythms of the forest and learning essential skills for his eventual return to the wild.

He exemplifies the transformative power of rehabilitation - and our caregivers are dedicated to providing Arto with the love, guidance, and enrichment needed to ensure a successful transition back into the wild.

Latest Update

Arto, our spirited newcomer, has successfully completed his quarantine phase and is now thriving in good health.

He has joined Baby Jungle School as a lively participant, learning the ropes of the jungle so that one day he can be released back into his rightful home with the skills he needs to survive.

His days are filled with mischief and exploration.

Stay tuned for more updates on Arto's progress and other exciting stories from the heart of Borneo. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for Arto and his fellow orangutans.

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