Sponsor Spotlight: Sweet Freedom

In exciting news, our sponsors Sweet Freedom will donate 10% of profits from every sale of CHOC POT to The Orangutan Project.

Delightful Choc Pots provide lifesaving care to Critically Endangered orangtuans

At Sweet Freedom, the pursuit of creating delectable treats isn’t just about satisfying taste buds—it’s about making a tangible difference in the world. This commitment to sweetness with purpose is evident in their support of The Orangutan Project.

“We have admired The Orangutan Project’s work for many years, ranging from their relentless efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutans, to their support for indigenous communities and their commitment to safeguarding rainforests and habitats," says Deborah Pyner owner of Sweet Freedom.  

Now, they're taking their admiration a step further by pledging support through their award-winning CHOC POT chocolate spread. As of January 2024, Sweet Freedom will donate 10% of profits from every sale of CHOC POT to The Orangutan Project. This delicious spread, perfect on toast, pancakes, or even straight out of the jar, is more than just a treat for the taste buds—it’s a beacon of hope for orangutans and their habitats.

The ethos behind Sweet Freedom is clear: providing the best, not just in taste but also for the planet and its inhabitants. The small yet mighty team of six at Sweet Freedom work tirelessly to ensure their products are plant-based, made only from natural ingredients, and notably, free from palm oil. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices shines through in every jar of CHOC POT.

"We’re proud to have adopted a couple of orangutans in the past (Sam & Cupcake!) who are now thriving in the wild thanks to The Orangutan Project. We are very excited to be supporting such a wonderful organisation!" says Deborah.

By choosing Sweet Freedom’s CHOC POT, consumers aren’t just indulging in a delicious spread; they’re actively contributing to the conservation of orangutans and their rainforest homes. It’s a sweet choice that truly makes a significant impact.

Join Sweet Freedom in their mission to support The Orangutan Project—one spoonful at a time. Your taste buds and the orangutans will thank you for it!

You can order your CHOC POT online at https://sweetfreedom.co.uk. Shipping is FREE on all UK orders over £30! Live outside the UK? You can find CHOC POT in a variety of online retailers that ship worldwide. See listing here.