Enriching Lives: A Peek into Orangutan Adventures at BORA

Dive into the world of orangutan enrichment, where each day brings us closer to releasing these intelligent primates back into the wild.

Donors of The Orangutan Project help fund enrichment materials for rescued orangutans.

Orangutan enrichment: so much more than play

Orangutans, known for their intelligence and agility, face unique challenges when transitioning from rescue and rehabilitation centres to the wild. To address this, our team has been tirelessly working on enriching the lives of hundreds of orphaned orangutans housed in care centers across Borneo and Sumatra.

Kylie's recent trip to Borneo

Recently, our Conservation Project Manager Kylie Bullo embarked on a transformative journey to BORA rescue and rehabilitation centers. Her two-week expedition was filled with heartwarming encounters and pivotal moments, leaving an indelible mark on the orangutans and the dedicated BORA staff.

The introduction of donor-funded enrichment items was met with enthusiasm by the orangutans and their carers. From dip tubes to feeder balls, Kylie witnessed the dedication of BORA staff and the positive impact of these tools on the orangutans' well-being.

Kylie returned inspired by the dedication and commitment of the BORA staff to ensure the best possible outcomes for our orangutan friends.

BORA Rescue Centre

Through the Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance, we have numerous teams in the field including the APE Crusader and APE Warrior that investigate and confiscate illegally held captive orangutans.

At the Rescue Centre, rescued orangutans undergo thorough medical checks and quarantine periods before beginning their journey towards rehabilitation.


The essence of enrichment: tools and techniques

Enrichment is the key to keeping our orangutans mentally and physically stimulated, paving the way for a successful return to the wild. At The Orangutan Project, we employ various techniques and tools to ensure our primate friends remain engaged and vibrant during their rehabilitation journey.

  • Food/Foraging Enrichment

Imagine an orangutan using a stick to retrieve a tasty treat from a mesh box or solving puzzles to access hidden food items. Dip tubes, feeder balls, and innovative hiding places challenge their problem-solving abilities, encouraging natural foraging behaviour.

  • Enclosure Enrichment

Flexible rubber ropes, tires, barrels, hammocks, and intricate enclosure furniture create dynamic environments, promoting climbing and maintaining physical fitness, essential for a life in the treetops.

  • Nesting Material

Daily provisions of branches and leaves allow orangutans to hone their nest-building skills. Sleeping high in the canopy is a crucial survival skill that must be mastered before a successful release.

  • Jungle School

The pinnacle of preparation involves 'Jungle School,' where our young orangutans venture into a safe area of the jungle. Monitored closely by our dedicated staff, they develop survival skills, including confident tree climbing and the identification of edible food sources. Orangutans must meet specific criteria before being deemed ready for permanent release.


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