Supporter Spotlight: Schulthess Maschinen AG

Swiss company Schulthess is making washing greener with the launch of ‘Flow’; a biodegradable palm oil free laundry detergent to compliment their energy and water efficient washing machines. Through their sponsorship of The Orangutan Project, Schulthess are committed to raising awareness of the impact of palm oil on Critically Endangered orangutans to their customers.

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Since 1845, Swiss washing technology group Schulthess Maschinen AG has been at the forefront of laundry care, producing high-quality machines and system solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers.

As a leader in their field, they have continued to develop and adopt innovative and sustainable solutions for the betterment of their consumers, and for the environment.

“We have a very pragmatic approach to protecting the environment,” says Nicole Thier, Head of Marketing at Schulthess.  We are saving, where we can. For example, our production energy is 100% hydroelectric. 

“We know that a lot of CO2 emissions come from the use of washing and drying machines. So we focus on low energy and water consumption. Our focus on continual improvement has seen a sevenfold reduction in the energy and water consumption of Schulthess machines over the last 40 years. 

“In 1975 a washing machine needed 55 litres of water per kilogram of laundry; today it is just 6.8 litres. Equally astonishing is energy consumption: In 1975 one kilogram of laundry needed 0.49 kWh, today it is 0.08 kWh.”

Expanding their focus on environment sustainability in the home, Schulthess have recently introduced an environmentally sustainable laundry detergent ‘Flow’, which is 100% palm oil free.

“Over 80% of all detergents use microplastics and palm oil in their production. For Schulthess, it was important to develop a detergent based on natural ingredients,“ says Nicole.

“In addition to being palm oil free and containing scent molecules that are degradable in nature, the packing of our Flow detergent is free from microplastics being made of 100% recycled PET.”  

Consumers can purchase Flow detergent online from the Schulthess website.

In addition to providing financial sponsorship directly to support orangutan conservation projects, Schulthess are also providing consumers with the option to make a donation in support of The Orangutan Project on checkout.

“We were shocked to see the area of monoculture plantations in Indonesia that are destroying orangutan habitat,” says Nicole.

“Through our palm oil free detergent we can raise awareness of this major problem with our customers here in Switzerland while collecting donations to support orangutan conservation efforts. By supporting The Orangutan Project we know exactly what impact we are having.”

To find out more about Flow and Schulthess, visit their website at

If you are interested in aligning your business with a proved and trusted organisation affecting real change for Critically Endangered orangutans, visit our website here. 


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