Mary has developed her forest skills over the last few months during her Jungle School outings.

Beautiful Mary at Jungle School

Mary is a curious orangutan who will follow other orangutans and learn from them. She is closest with a young female orangutan named Devi who was still very wild when she was rescued from captivity. Mary has been observed following Dewi and learning things from her including eating the same foods. Mary has also been spending more time with other female orangutans at Jungle School including Bonti, Jojo and Bagus. They have travelled together and sampled different fruits, leaves and flowers in the forest.

Mary is excellent at staying up in the canopy when out at Jungle School. It is only when she is hungry that she may venture down to the ground in the hope of receiving some extra food from the keepers. Mary is in excellent health and weighs approximately 20kg. She isn’t a fussy eater and enjoys all the different food and enrichment that the keepers bring her when she is in an enclosure.

In the last three months, Mary has frequently crossed to other Jungle School locations. She has seemed very curious about checking out what some of the other orangutans are up to at their Jungle School lessons. Mary could easily travel to these other areas while the poor keepers who had to follow her had to battle their way through thorns and dense vegetation to follow her.

It's wonderful to see that Mary continues to make good progress on her rehabilitation journey. Thank you to all of Mary’s adopters for helping her on her journey to freedom.

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