Wigly continues to develop and flourish on Kaja Island, one of the BOS Foundation’s pre-release islands in Central Kalimantan. He is known for his aloof demeanour. When in the forest, he appears most comfortable when socialising with Laura and his bestie, Ello.

Cheeky Wigly likes to get the attention of the technicians that arrive at the island to deliver additional food for the orangutans. He will prank the technicians by throwing small stones or mud into the kelotok (motorised boat).

Wigly has excellent nest-building and foraging skills and eats a wide variety of the natural foods on Kaja Island. In early June, water levels of the river surrounding Kaja Island decreased significantly due to very low rainfall. Receding waters have exposed more land on the island, giving Wigly and the other orangutans more ground to play on and more grasses to eat. Wigly is in very good health and is a very handsome orangutan. As BOS Foundation continues to release more orangutans into protected habitat, orangutans like Wigly move even closer to eventual forest freedom. Keep up the great work Wigly.

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