It has been a very tough few months for the staff at the COP Borneo orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre in East Kalimantan. Terrifyingly, fire came to within 1km of the COP Borneo centre in September where Popi lives.

The Orangutan Project sent $14,320 emergency funding to COP to purchase equipment and resource around the clock fire-fighting efforts. The COP team fought tirelessly day and night to protect the centre and the adopted babies who have already lost so much. Thankfully the centre was saved thanks to the dedicated and brave team.

Due to the fires being so close to COP, forest school had to be cancelled for many weeks. It was far too risky to take young orangutans out in case they ran away and became lost and be under threat from the nearby fires. The staff ensured that the young orangutans received more enrichment and activities in the cages to keep them from becoming bored.

Earlier this month, heavy rain fell at COP Borneo and the staff and orangutans were all very keen to get back out into the forest. As you can see from Popi’s photos she seemed to be very excited about once again being able to play in the forest. It is wonderful that these young orangutans can once again have time in the forest to develop their forest skills including traveling, foraging, nest building and increasing their fitness levels after having to stay in the cages for an extended period of time.

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