In an exciting update, Cece was transported to the Sumatran Orangutan Reintroduction Centre in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem with four other orangutans in April 2019. It is a very long journey and a vet travelled with the orangutans to ensure their well being on the road trip.

Cece has a very strong bond with another young orangutan named Rosi who also made the long trip to BTP. They often cling to each other and find great comfort in one another’s company however they have also integrated well with the other young orangutans undergoing release training at the BTP site.

Cece has been using leaves and branches given to the orangutans to make sleeping nests in the pre-release cage. She has also commenced forest school and after being very nervous and unsure at first, she has already made great progress. Citrawan, another young orangutan in our adoption program has proven to be a great teacher to little Cece and Cece has begun to copy Citrawan when she travels and forages in the canopy.

Thank you to all of Cece’s adopters who have helped her reach this stage of her rehabilitation. The keepers are confident that Cece will continue to develop her forest skills and develop more confidence in the forest over time.

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