Wigly is doing well in the socialisation enclosure at Nyaru Menteng and lives with five other orangutans named Rajawali, Himba, Molek, Lorry and Ello. He is a very active orangutan who loves to climb and engage with the enrichment provided in his enclosure including toys and food puzzles.

Enrichment keeps the orangutans active and encourages problem solving with food treats often hidden in various food puzzles. Wigly is in excellent health and has a good appetite, eating all of the food offered to him.

Cheeky Wigly also likes getting splashed with water when the technicians clean the enclosures. He still does not seek out human contact and will kiss squeak at the staff when they approach the enclosure. Wigly is one of the candidates to be relocated to a pre-release island in 2018 where he can continue his journey to forest freedom.

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