Rocky and Rickina

Rocky is living on Setrum Island. His dear friend Rickina recently moved to Setrum Island and they now spend time together again. As they grow older they are learning to be more independent, and they are rarely seen clinging onto each other as they used to when they were younger, although they still play and explore the forest together.

Rocky continues to develop his forest skills on Setrum Island. He sometimes comes down to the ground to try and find termites, a behaviour which he learnt from the other orangutans. Rocky is a very curious orangutan and sometimes tries to give the medical team a check-up, instead of the other way around! Rocky sometimes tries to steal the medical equipment and figure out how to use it, using the tools as enrichment or just entertaining himself.

In exciting news, Rickina has recently moved to Setrum Island so she can develop her forest skills and become used to living like a wild orangutan. She is very good at making friends with new orangutans and has a lot of friends there, including Rocky who she has been reunited with!

Rickina is quite dominant and can become quite protective of her friends. Sometimes, if someone comes close to one of her friends, or she thinks they are in danger, Rickina will get a bit angry and chase the culprit away.

Rickina has shown a lot of progress since moving to Setrum Island and is becoming much more independent. She is now building nests and searching for natural foods in the forest. Rickina is learning a lot about how to survive in the forest. She will continue to build on this knowledge throughout the rehabilitation process until she is ready to be released back into the wild.

Note: Rocky photos on top row, Rickina photos on bottom row

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