Bulan was moved to Bangamat pre-release island in March. We are happy to report that she has adapted well to life on Bangamat and spends her time happily exploring the island.

Bulan’s forest skills have significantly improved and she can now source natural foods such as termites and forest fruits like rengas and mangosteen. Bulan has a very curious nature and likes to learn by observing the actions and behaviours of other orangutans.

The weather in Central Kalimantan has been very hot lately; when the heat gets to Bulan, she soaks her body in the river while foraging for suli leaves.

Bulan is very vigilant – when she hears our technicians arriving in boats to distribute fruits at the feeding platform, or if she senses human presence, she immediately climbs up into the trees where she feels safe. While she is already quite skilled at foraging for natural forest food, Bulan still takes fruit supplied on the feeding platform. Although, she prefers to feed at the platform once other orangutans have moved away from it. She avoids physical contact and competition with Sukamara, the most dominant female orangutan on Bangamat.

Bulan’s nest-building skills are very good, and she usually builds two nests a day – one for her daytime nap, and one for the night. Bulan is doing all of the right things to book her ticket to forest freedom in the future.

Thank you so much to all of our Bulan adopters who have supported her rehabilitation over many years. Her island freedom has been made possible with generous support from her adopted parents. We will endeavour to keep our adopters informed of Bulan’s release into protected forest in the future but for now she is able to live as a wild orangutan in forest habitat. You should have received an email from us about Bulan’s release and the transfer of your adoption to Bunga. Please contact Rebecca on 1300 REDAPE or email rebecca.buswell@orangutan.org.au if you have any queries. 

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