Still Boisterous Lear has not lost a single ounce of his boisterous and playful nature! His exuberance is contagious. During daily releases he spends most of his time in the company of his best friend Morgan, and the two get into all sorts of hi-jinks together.

Caregivers always provide Lear and Morgan with burlap sacks. They love throwing the sacks over their heads and rolling around their forest jungle gym, chasing each other and trying to steal the other’s sack. It is endlessly entertaining to see these burlap sacks thrashing around, with orangutan legs flailing out from the opening! When Lear needs respite from these shenanigans, he comes to sit in the company of his caregivers whom he adores. Even though he is growing bigger and bigger every day, he still likes to sit in his caregivers’ laps to cuddle. When he is feeling particularly rambunctious, he will sit looking straight into a caregiver’s eyes, hold his hands straight up in the air, and then throw them down on the caregiver’s shoulders, expecting tickles in return. Without a doubt, Lear steals the heart of everyone he meets with his bright face and youthful nature. But he will have to become more autonomous and gain more forest skills in the coming years in order to be ready to return to the wild. Considering how much love he receives, we’re sure he will have the confidence he needs to take these steps eventually!

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