Ugo Blanco

Ugo Blanco is going well and continues to show feisty male adolescent behavior. This includes showing his strength, playing rough games with other orangutans and sometimes throwing things at his keepers.

Despite Ugo’s lack of manners, he has a special relationship with a keeper named Puji. He even enjoys the odd belly rub.

Ugo still enjoys interacting with the two larger males in adjoining cages named Wingayo and Rencong. Wingayo is not fond of Ugo and will not play with his younger counterpart. Ugo will then play with Rencong through the cage bars. Their favourite game seems to be ‘Who can pull the other ones arms into their cage the furthest.’

Ugo enjoys all the food given to him and he also interacts with and eats the various enrichment. Enrichment items given include food hidden in leaf parcels and fire hose, forest fruits such as kerdongdon, fishing for treats and also the various puzzle feeders attached to the cage. Ugo is also building nests to sleep in with the leaves and branches given to him. 

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