Chocolate has begun to be introduced to a larger group of orangutans currently in the socialisation cages. He has continued to grow, now weighing 13kg and he has become more independent. Chocolate likes to eat all of the fruits and vegetables that are given.

He is not fussy and does not have a favourite food. However, Chocolate will hide food from the other orangutans. He will sneak away and eat by himself in one of the large play drums so the others cannot steal any food- a clever boy indeed. Each week, Choclate’s group rotates into another cage area that has been cleaned and enriched. This provides a dynamic living environment.

Chocolate interacts well and plays through the bars with several small orangutans including Seroja.  He will make a nest every night in the swing up high near the roof with his other larger friends. This is excellent because wild orangutans need to build night nests in the canopy to sleep in. During the day, he will change between sleeping in the large swings or the blue barrel. Chocolate is still often seen biting his lower lip while sleeping.

Chocolate’s group has several large dominant orangutans in the group including Monic, Loning and Hercules. They are all rather wild and do not like to interact much with each other anymore. Chocolate has learnt to respect their space and keep away from them.

Chocolate no longer shows the anxious behavior of sucking the chest of another orangutan. He is very sweet and confident and sometimes a little cheeky towards the keepers. Chocolate is very good at crafting tools and using the enrichment boxes. This will help him problem solve in the forest.

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