Roy is a highly inquisitive young orangutan. Not much gets past him. Roy checks and double-checks every bag, pocket, button, snap, and zipper he comes across.

 Despite his almost aggressive curiosity, he is sweet and gentle with people and other orangutans.  While the others in his age group wrestle and play rough, Roy is more gentle an contemplative. Roy is too old and too independent to climb into laps and solicit cuddles, but he sometimes likes to hang from a branch above one of the onlooking care givers. Most of the time, Roy is on the move, never staying in the same place for too long. He is an excellent climber and enjoys playing high up in the canopy.

Roy is becoming increasingly skilled at searcing for ant nests on the ground and is always ecstatic when he finds some to eat!  He enthusiastically plays in  mud puddles after the rain. Roy needs to fine tune his nest-making skills however he has progressed very well in jungle school and learning the skills that he will need for release. 

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