Seroja now weighs approximately 10kg and is in very good health. Seroja is a very slow eater but is not fussy and eats a wide range of fruits and vegetables. She has developed eating more foods by watching and learning from the other orangutans in her cage. Her favourite fruit is durian however she is not very good at opening them yet.

Seroja does not like it when orangutans start to get dominant and begin to fight with other orangutans. She will often avoid the fights or the group issues. Seroja also does not like it when a less dominate orangutan is bullied by a dominant orangutan – such as Chocolate being bullied by Adel. Seroja will often try and break up the fight to keep the group settled.

Seroja used to be quite shy but she has developed her socialization skills greatly. She is now interacting a lot more with other orangutans in the socialisation cage, especially Chocolate. Seroja is not very good at making nests yet however it is hoped she will soon learn this skill by watching other orangutans build them. She often sleeps in the same nest that Chocolate builds. 

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