Ugo Blanco

Ugo Blanco now weighs approximately 25kg. Ugo loves his food and he will often snatch food from the other orangutans he is housed with. He will collect the food and store it in a rubber tyre and then sit down to enjoy his spoils. Ugo’s favourite fruit, durian was in season from December to January and he greatly enjoyed receiving this to eat.

He is not skilled enough yet to strip this fruit and usually he will just bite the rind little by little until he can reach the soft flesh inside to eat. Ugo Blanco has a very good appetite and is not a fussy eater. This is a very good trait for orangutans to have for when they are released into the forest.

Ugo Blanco is a very active and healthy orangutan. He has had no medical issues in the last six months. He had dental examinations and weight measurements taken. Ugo’s upper right incisor has grown larger however his left one has not grown yet.

Ugo Blanco is currently housed in a socialisation cage with orangutans named Suro, Rachmad, Krisna, Balaram, Jemmy, Marvel, Okti, Combur, Kluet and Meisin. Ugo is not the biggest orangutan in this group however he is the dominant orangutan in the group! Not only does Ugo snatch food from his fellow orangutans, he also tries to take food from the keepers.

Ugo is not adept yet at making excellent sleeping nests. He will simply gather some leaves and twigs and lay on these as his bed without much construction involved. It is hoped that he will improve in this area. Ugo has been recommended to move to forest school in the near future which is fantastic news.  

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