Pinky has developed and grown very fast in the last few months. He is the dominant male in the largest socialisation cage. With his 15 orangutan friends, Pinky rules the cage!

 Pinky has become an independent orangutan and has shown many signs of wild orangutan behaviour. Although the male technicians do not work directly in contact with Pinky due to his wild behaviour, he has learnt that when he is angry, he can spit on the technicians and they will go away and leave him alone. This behaviour is usually an attention seeking behaviour in orangutans, but in Pinky case it is a sign of him not wanting to be disturbed by people.

These are the exact skills required to return to the wild. Pinky also vocalises when he is annoyed or frustrated with people working around the cage, another excellent sign that he does not want to interact with people and is developing the necessary wild behaviours that are required to be released into the forest. Pinky has had no health problems and continues to develop all the correct nest building skills and problem solving skills to access food in his cage. Leading by example, Pinky is the next candidate to be released back to Jantho Forest in Aceh within the next 4 months! It is predicted that he will do very well being released back to a wild existence and he is already developed into a strong, healthy wild orangutan!

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