Lidya has been thriving since she moved to one of OFI's forest camps. Like many adolescent females, she can be friendly and lively but, at times, stubborn.

 Lidya is the great spitter – her accuracy and spitting distance are amazing. Until she gets out of her sleeping enclosure and is in the forest, Lidya is the terror of the rare visitor who is allowed to visit her camp. What Lidya particularly enjoys is spending time exploring the forest. When she goes out to the forest in the morning, she starts out by climbing into the canopy with some of her orangutan friends. After about half an hour of social time, she will sneak off to climb on her own. Lidya is a bit of a daredevil. She finds the tallest tree in the forest and climbs to the top. Once there, she builds a nest using the biggest branches available. If it rains while Lidya is in her nest, she will refuse to leave and return to her caregiver. Using branches as cover, she will wait out the rain while her soggy caregiver waits for her below. With her strong forest skills and rebellious streak, Lidya will soon be a great candidate for release.

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