Lear is one of the most rambunctious orangutans at the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine. He loves rough-and-tumble wrestling with friends and caregivers.

When he is about to do something naughty, Lear will stand up, throw both arms into the air and then drop his entire body to the ground. Lear has a cheeky side and will try to get the attention of those he likes by pulling their hair or nipping at their ankles. Recently, Lear has been developing an independent streak. When the other young orangutans are playing at the playground, he will wander off into the nearby forest to explore. When he has exhausted his energy, he likes to visit his caregivers for cuddles or practice making a nest on the ground. His “nests” end up being a big mess of branches, so Lear still needs to work on perfecting his technique. Lear is truly a “character” and we love him dearly. His weight has gone up recently to 18.5 kg (40.7 pounds).

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