Help Save Wildlife and Their Forest Homes From Life-threatening Wildfires

The forests of Ketapang in West Borneo are a hotspot for forest and land fires, especially in the dry season. And the phenomenon of El Niño further threatens the landscape. These fires are threatening the survival of the Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans that call these forests home.

That's why we must protect them and their remaining habitat from fires if we are to save them from disappearing forever.

The Power of Mama (PoM) women play a vital role in preserving the habitat of orangutans and threatened wildlife. They take immediate action to control and prevent fires by patrolling and monitoring fire-prone hotspots.

These female-led fire prevention and fighting teams are champions of wildlife conservation, role models, educators, and beacons of hope. They are transforming attitudes towards the role of women and highlighting the capabilities and success of females in traditionally male roles.

Your gift today will provide the training and equipment these brave women need to work on the frontline to prevent and fight wildfires.

What's more, by supporting this project not only will you help protect nature, but you'll also be helping to close the gender gap.

By empowering women to engage with environmental issues, we can fight fires, save wildlife, and change lives for the better.

Note: Implementing partner - Yayasan International Animal Rescue Indonesia (YIARI) and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

You can also make a tax deductible donation through our Canada affiliate WCI Canada Foundation