Meet Harapi, our May APE Achiever!

Despite his harrowing start to life, little Harapi is thriving at our BORA Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre, getting up to lots of mischief with his friends Arto and Cinta.

This month our APE Achiever is little Harapi, a resident at our BORA Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in East Kalimantan. Since his arrival almost a year ago, Harapi has made remarkable progress under our care.

Rescued by the dedicated efforts of our Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance (BORA) team and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in June 2023, Harapi's journey to freedom began after a distressing report of an illegally held infant orangutan in Berau Regency. Found dressed in human attire, he was swiftly rescued and brought to our sanctuary for evaluation.

Upon arrival, Harapi underwent a thorough examination, estimated to be around 10 months old. Adjusting seamlessly to life at the BORA Rescue Centre, he has embraced his surroundings with enthusiasm. From exploring the outdoor playground to relishing his favorite foods like tomatoes and sunflower seeds, Harapi's voracious appetite and zest for life are evident.

Making friends has been an important part of Harapi's journey, and he has found companionship with fellow orangutans like Arto and Cinta. Their playful antics and camaraderie bring joy to the sanctuary, captured beautifully in the video below. Harapi's mealtime rituals are a sight to behold, with his careful, deliberate approach to eating showcasing his unique personality. His love for young coconuts is evident, and his ability to navigate the social dynamics of mealtime is a testament to his intelligence and adaptability.

Currently weighing 3.8kg and in excellent health, Harapi continues to thrive under the watchful care of our dedicated staff, including his favorite babysitter, Rara. His days are filled with foraging adventures, enjoying guavas and starfruits from the surrounding trees, and indulging in well-deserved naps.


We are immensely proud of Harapi's progress and grateful for the support that has made his journey possible. As he continues to grow and thrive, we invite you to consider becoming a part of his story through adoption.

For a small amount each month, you can support Harapi, and other orphaned and displaced orangutans in our care. Find out more 

Every orangutan rescued, rehabilitated and released back to the wild, increases the chances of survival for this Critically Endangered species.

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