Bringing Life Back: Reforestation Efforts in North Sumatra

After enduring a long and scorching dry season, the skies have finally opened up, bringing much-needed rain to the region.

Bringing Life Back: Reforestation Efforts in North Sumatra

Sowing the Seeds of Change

Our dedicated staff at SRA wasted no time seizing this opportunity to kickstart a reforestation project at our orangutan rescue centre. Focusing on fast-growing species like Jabon (Neolamarckia cadamba) and Sengon (Albizia chinensis), as well as beloved fruit trees like rambutan and durian, they planted the seeds of transformation.

These trees not only promise to bring shade and stability to the soil but also offer enticing climbing and feeding opportunities for our orangutans undergoing Jungle School training.

The team planted:

  • 100 sengon ( Albizia chinensis)
  • 25 matoa ( Pometia pinnata) /
  • 25 trembesi ( Samanea saman) / monkey pod tree
  • 30 jabon ( Neolamarckia cadamba) / Burflower tree
  • Sumatran Rescue Alliance

The Sumatran Rescue Alliance (SRA) was established in 2020 by The Orangutan Project, Centre for Orangutan Protection, and the Orangutan Information Centre. This alliance was born with a mission to repatriate orangutans confiscated from the global illegal wildlife trade.

The SRA rescue center, built between 2020-2021 has been a lifesaving initiative for orangutans rescued throughout Indonesia. Equipped with a veterinary clinic, laboratory, quarantine and socialization enclosures, food and equipment storage facilities, a water well, and CCTV cameras, the center ensures the well-being of our primate friends.

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One of the remarkable features of the SRA rescue centre is the expansive areas that we plan to enclose to ensure orangutans unable to survive independently in the wild can live their lives with dignity and freedom.

The planting will supplement the current forest areas that are degraded to make lush, healthy habitats for the released orangutans.

With the gift of rain, we celebrate the tireless efforts of our team working on the ground toward our mission every day: to rescue orangutans from despicable conditions and offer them a second chance at forest freedom.

Your support has been instrumental in securing the survival of these incredible species and their forest homes.

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