Baby Mabel's adventures

Everyone’s favourite baby orangutan, Mabel, is doing well at our BORA rescue centre in East Kalimantan.

Gorgeous little Mabel is a messy eater

She recently tried yellow durian and absolutely loved it. She did manage to end up with a lot of it on her face though!

Mabel is taken out regularly to the baby playground and forest area. She has been building up her strength and sampling different forest foods including fruits, leaves, and stems. She has certainly made amazing progress since arriving at our BORA rescue centre in November 2022. Mabel had been kept in terrible conditions, was malnourished, and had trouble breathing. She probably would have died if our BORA rescue team didn’t take her for immediate medical treatment.  

The BORA team are so proud of little Mabel and have become very attached to her. All of these adventurous activities are quite exhausting for a baby orangutan, so Mabel definitely needs a few daytime naps.

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