Seroja is a very calm and patient orangutan. She is very sweet towards the other orangutans in her group and will avoid internal orangutan disagreements. Seroja is best friends with Septian and they will play and feed together.

Seroja is protective of Septian. It is a wonderful relationship that will enable the possibility of them to be released together in the future. Over the past three months, Seroja has developed more independence. She also doesn’t like to interact with people very often. These are positive signs as she prepares for a future life in the forest.

Every week, Seroja and the other orangutans in her group will move to another cage in the social complex to keep the area dynamic, clean and enriching! Seroja really enjoys this, as she is able to swing around and strengthen her muscles and play with other orangutans. Every day, she will get involved with the various enrichment activities.  She particularly likes the puzzle boxes, where she has to use a stick or think about how to access the food or honey. She will often spend a few hours coming back to this puzzle.

Seroja now weighs 12kg. She is very fussy when it comes to feed time. She will always pick the freshest of the fruits and vegetables on offer. If there is one small slightly discoloured fruit, she will throw it away. Seroja prefers green vegetables, leaf buds and stems. When Seroja is eating carrots, she has begun to peel the skin off and will take a central part of the carrot out, like several other large orangutans would do with rattan in the wild.

Staff are working hard to provide all of the orangutans with leaf material twice a day to encourage the orangutans to build nests. Seroja is already starting to build nests with the leaves that are offered to her, however she will not sleep on them for long and will always make the nest at the cage floor. As she continues to develop with other experienced wild orangutans, it is hoped that she will start to grasp how to build a nest off the cage floor. 

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