Our little flower Bunga is not so little anymore, as she is approaching 5 years of age and has a bodyweight of 16 kg! She is getting more inventive and cheeky by the day, and is usually the one who lures the rest of the babies in her group to try and break open the door when it's time to go in for the day.

 She enjoys the space in the back transit area and her friendship with Cindy is still strong and one of the longest lasting ones we have seen amongst our younger orangutans. Since she has been in captivity as good as all her life, she tends to spend more time on the ground that climbing up high in the ropes and on the platforms. This is a continuously challenge for us and our baby sitters to encourage the babies to forage and play up high as they would in the forest with their mothers. Fortunately our new centre is taking form fast and the fenced in forest area for the younger orangutans will provide them with meter high trees with new opportunities, a more natural environment and a chance to behave like the wild animals that they are.

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