In wonderful news, Citrawan was released into the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem with her good friend Femi in December 2020. After a long shut down, jungle school recommenced for the young orangutans in the release program in November 2020. This allowed young orangutans like Citrawan to get back into the swing of forest life once again.

Citrawan had been going very well with jungle school before COVID-19 restrictions meant it had to temporarily close in April 2020. The staff were very pleased with how Citrawan adapted quickly back to the forest in November as she showed excellent climbing, foraging and nest building skills.

It was decided to release Citrawan and Femi together in December 2020. Both of them are adapting well, and are in good, healthy condition. They are being monitored closely and given supplement food to support them during this transition.

Citrawan has already begun to socialise with other juvenile orangutans in the area while Femi tended to be more active in foraging and exploring the forest. Femi continued to learn from Violet and Raja Tori to successfully forage for fruits and other items. We are confident Citrawan will also increase her forest skills after having the opportunity to learn from more experienced orangutans.

Thank you so much to all of Citrawan’s adopters for helping her to find her jungle freedom. We will be sending all of Citrawan’s adopters an email about supporting another young orphaned orangutan in urgent need. 

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