Palm Oil Resistance

The Critically Endangered Orangutan, Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger, Critically Endangered Sumatran elephant, many other species and, not the least, indigenous peoples and their cultures are being bulldozed out of existence. Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is lost in Malaysia and Indonesia ...

Palm Oil Resistance Facts:

  • Palm oil is found many products including snack foods, soap and cosmetics
  • Joining our Palm Oil Resistance movement will help raise awareness of it's devastating impact

Almost 80% of orangutan habitat has disappeared during the past 20 years. We are losing more than 6000 orangutans a year and there are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the world. We must stop this devastation in its tracks.

Join us and take action today!

The Orangutan Project has teamed up with Palm Oil Investigations to lead the resistance in the battle for our environment. We want you to be part of the movement that includes hundreds of passionate people from around the globe on a mission to save the rainforest. Together we can, and will, save the orangutans. 

You choose your level of support then we’ll send you an action plan to implement in your school or workplace. This is your chance to spread the word about how the decisions we make as consumers can help fight extinction.

Join us today so we can continue the good fight...